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Free Battle Maps

Download these free battle maps for tabletop minitures combat.

Dungeon Map Tiles IV

Design your own virtual tabletop adventure maps with the Dungeon Map Tiles range of art assets.


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Dark Tech Map Tiles

A shadowy themed set of ready made art assets for creating adventure maps for the virtual tabletop.

Monster Tokens II

Populate your Virtual Tabletop Dungeon with a selection of popular Monster tokens.

Welcome to Studio WyldFurr!

TailzHello and welcome to Studio WyldFurr! I am Tailz your guide and resident studio artist.

I have just wrapped up work on the third Fantasy Furniture token pack that will be released into the wild on the 4th of June. If you are a studio supporter of Adventurer level or higher you can download the pack now as part of your monthly rewards.

Now that DriveThruRPG.com is restarting it’s print on demand service, I’m restarting work on a collection of Poker size Map Cards (I had put the project on pause during the COVID19 lockdown of printing services and while I moved interstate).

After I get the map cards done, I’m looking to jump back into designing some mini-adventures for Pathfinder and Starfinder.

Studio Shop

We have a growing range of virtual tabletop tokens, map tiles, and mini-adventure sites on sale in the Studio Store.

Map Pins

Ready made exploration locations created for the Pathfinder Second Edition role-playing game and the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop app.

Virtual Tabletop Tokens

Tokens for use with Apps such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Battlegrounds, d20Pro, etc.

Map Tiles

Ready made art packs for the building of adventure game maps via a system of seemlessly interconnecting map tiles.

Most Popular Items in the Studio Store

Studio News and other Incoherent Babble

Using Studio WyldFurr Tokens in Roll20

Using our tokens is a little more tricky, mainly because the Roll20 system likes to use a square token images that fit into the map grid. This creates a conflict with our standard tokens which are irregular sizes, thus when you place one of our standard tokens onto...

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Using Studio WyldFurr Maps in Roll20

In order to use our maps, you need to know the size of the map in a measurement that will scale the map to Roll20's scale. Roll20 uses "units" for the map grid. Thus one unit is one character square, since we use the old d20 3.5ed character square system (each...

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Tutorial: How to use the Map Tiles with Photoshop

Hello and welcome to another tutorial about the method we use to build role-playing maps. In this tutorial Tailz will demonstrate his method of map building with Adobe Photoshop, using Studio WyldFurr's Map Tiles art packs. Click on the following link if you are...

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