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Studio WyldFurr

September Freebies!

We have a number of free token sets, check them out!

This month we release a number of new freebies into the Studio Store. First up we have the Ballista, a pedestal mounted crossbow and bolt rack. This is followed by a token pack of Wooden Hand Carts, and then simple Fuel Barrel token set. There is a medieval Mortar Cannon for lobbing cannon balls over castle walls, and lastly a Ford GT40 Sports Car token set.

These token sets complement the Demo Girl and Demo Girl 2 free token sets. While on RPGnow.com you can find the free Sample Pack.

Character Set: NickieCharacter Set: Nickie

This is Nickie, a sassy young lass with dyed pink hair in a tight little outfit fresh from a night on the town. Nickie could be one of your adventurers or an NPC in the background – or she could be a poor helpless victim of your campaigns evil villain. The character set includes a variety of tokens that depicts the character is different poses, from fighting poses, weapon using poses, general poses, and even dead poses.

New Projects

Tailz always has a number of projects on the go, but for the moment the main projects we are working on includes a brand new Starter Token Pack to replace the old Starter Pack: Modern Day Tokens. At the moment we are considering phasing out all of our Generation #1 token sets as we replace them with brand new Generation #2 renders. If we don’t phase them out, we might instead discount the old sets on RPGnow.com.

We have also been considering rendering Generation #3 tokens, which will be of a higher resolution than what has come previously. This is because computing power is increasing so much that having large image sizes for tokens is no longer a major problem as PC hardware is expanding in capability and affordability. But we are still thinking about it.

To add to this, we are also working on a new Compass Point: Goblin Village. The idea at this early planning stage is to design a small fortified goblin village, complete with castle walls, goblin houses, and some special “Boss” goblin style token sets.