Publication Date: Monday, 02 November 2015

Newsletter November 2015

Monster Tokens

Werewolfs, Gorgons, Zombies, Mummies, oh my!

First up we have to apologize for our tardiness. We have not put out a newsletter for a while now, but we have a fairly reasonable excuse. Tailz, our resident artist, got sick. Very sick, really sick. It was horrible, there was sneezing and mucus everywhere!

But he is getting better now, so we chained Tailz to his desk and forced him to make a bunch of new character tokens, redesign the studio web site, and to start on something really new: a developers map tiles set!

Monster Tokens

First up, we have a bunch of new Monster Tokens in the studio store. You can also pick up the whole lot of them in the new Monster Tokens pack on RPGnow.com for $9.95. Inside the pack you get three Zombies, two Skeletons, a Centaur, an Incubus, a Gorgon, and much more!

Gnome Character Tokens

Next on the menu are the Gnomes. We have a bunch of new Gnome character sets that you can also pick up from the studio store or you can grab them all in one pack from RPGnow.com for $5.95.