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Studio WyldFurr

50% Off Weekend Sale!

For this weekend, 50% off the sale price of all Studio WyldFurr products at RPGnow.com

For this weekend, starting Friday night – everything we have at RPGnow.com is on sale. We have reduced our prices by 50% for the weekend (or until Tailz remembers to turn the sale off). Drop by our RPGnow.com catalogue and check out the savings you will get over this weekend.

Dungeon Map Tiles

Dungeon Map Tiles

Say hello to our very first map pack, designed for Game Masters who love to build their own maps. The pack contains 54 map tiles that you can drag’n’drop to build your very own dungeon. Combine the Dungeon Map Pack with the Fantasy Furniture token pack to build detailed adventure sites.

Starter Token Pack: Modern Day Tokens

We have been busy rendering up new character token sets to go into our next big token pack, which will replace the old Starter Token Pack. The old pack is made up of generation #1 tokens, while the new pack is all generation #2 tokens. Check out the progress of the pack as Tailz posts new sample images of each character set as they are completed.