Publication Date: Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Newsletter March 2016

Orcs, Giants, and Chairs?

A horde of Monsters and a bunch of furniture?

Hello everyone and welcome to the March newsletter. This month has seen the launch of three new token packs. Two of those packs were monster token packs as we seek to expand our range of monster creatures. Plus the third was a new furniture pack for modern day themed campaigns.

Monster Tokens II

A little while ago we released our first Monster Tokens pack, which contained monsters such as Gorgons, Mummies, Zombies, Rat Men, and Were-wolfs. Now we have released the second Monster Tokens II pack of monster tokens.

This new token pack of monsters includes creatures such as a Chort (eastern European pig demon), a jolly Giant, Kobolds, a large Lizard Man, evil Satyrs, and lots more.

The Orc Horde Token Pack

Last year we released the Goblin Tribes token pack, and now we have just released the bigger brothers of the goblins, the Orc Horde!

The Orc Horde token pack depicts four Orc Tribes, broken down into three character tokens sets: Peasant, Warrior, and Warlord.

Modern Furniture Token Pack

The last item on the list is our Modern Day Furniture Token Pack that we released last month for Game Masters who build their own role-playing maps.

This token pack fulfills the same role as our previous Fantasy Furniture Token Pack, but aimed at Modern campaigns. We plan to release a Modern Day set of Map Tiles in the next month or so.