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Studio WyldFurr

New Fantasy Tokens

The new fantasy starter tokens are out!

Fantasy Starter Token PackWe have just finished the Fantasy Starter Token Pack and uploaded the zip file (41 MB of tokens) to RPGnow.com. This token pack is a companion to our Modern Starter Token Pack, but with a fantasy or historic theme to the tokens instead of a modern day theme. Both packs contain 15 token character sets each and are available from RPGnow.com for $9.95.

The Fantasy Starter Token Pack is full of tokens depicting Wizards, Barbarians, Spartan Warriors, Priestesses, Knights, Rogues, and lots more.

Dungeon Map Tiles: Odds-n-Ends

A small update pack was released over the last month for our current range of map tiles, this little pack has been nick named the Odds-n-Ends pack. Inside the pack you will find trap doors, mechanical switches, rusted hatches, etc. If you have purchased the Dungeon Map Tiles pack from RPGnow.com then you will already have access to everything that is in the Odds-n-Ends pack (although you might need to re-download the zip file) as the Odds-n-Ends pack is included in the Dungeon Map Tiles pack that is on sale at RPGnow.com.

The arrival of the Odds-n-Ends pack also signals the end of the current range of map tiles. If we build any more map tiles for this range they will be added to the Odds-n-Ends pack and a message will be put out informing people of the need to download the update.

Does this mean the end of the Dungeon Map Tiles? Ohh no, just the end of this particular theme of map tiles. We plan to start work on another theme in the coming month. Maybe something to do with caves? But no matter what we dream up, we plan to build our map tiles so that you can use them all together. So keep an eye out for new production zips as we build the new set.