Publication Date: Tuesday, 07 July 2015

Newsletter July 2015

Dungeon Map Tiles II

A brand new art style theme for the Dungeon Map tiles

Map Tiles TutorialWe are in the proccess right this very moment, of building a brand new map tiles set. This is going to be another Dungeon Map tiles set (thus the name). The big difference this time around, is that we plan to have a bunch of “ready made” rooms for people to use. Not only can you build your maps by the drag’n’drop method of placing tiles where ever you want. But you will also have a bunch of already created rooms (complete with furniture and lighting effects) that you can simply drop into your map instead of building them yourself.
Currently we are working on a pair of round tower map tiles that will become pack #4.

There have been a few questions on the forums about how to use the map tiles and the software that is best suited. To answer those questions, we created a little Map Tiles + Gimp Tutorial.

If you would like to join the discussion, there is a thread for the new map tiles over at the Fantasy Grounds forum.

Map Tiles II Pack 1

This is the basic set that gives you almost all the map tiles you need to create interior dungeon spaces for your RPG maps.

Map Tiles II Pack 2

This set expands the basic set with external tiles that also match up with the grass tiles from the first Dungeon Map Tiles set.

Map Tiles II Pack 3

This pack contains a selection of PNG tiles to clad your maps with external walls so you can create stand along upper level maps.