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Ever needed a token to display an item that has been dropped?

We are kicking off the month of July with four new token sets. the first set is a brand new set of “Dropped Objects” that can be used to display various items of gear that have been dropped, placed, or thrown around the gaming map. Use the tokens to display weapons that have been fumbled, or items of loot scattered around a monsters lair!

Dropped Objects Token SetThe Dropped Objects token pack consists of a general assortment of objects that we will be adding to over time as we render new objects. There are pages of paper, scrolls, bottles, modern items, fantasy/medieval objects, and futuristic objects as well.

Click here to view the Dropped Objects Token Set.

Carlos Token SetThe first character token set being released this month is the character set for Carlos. A fair haired sun tanned fellow with a war hammer, and giant sword! This fellow is from the street, ready to engage in adventure against nefarious bad guys. Add Carlos to your token collection today!

Aetios - Modern Day Villain or Hero

Our next token set for July is Aetios, a Modern Day Villain or Hero character set of tokens for Fantasy Grounds or Battlegrounds RPG software.

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Christi Token Set

Meet Christi in her leather battle jump suit, ready to take on adventure in the modern world. Check out Christi’s token set in the Studio Store.

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