Publication Date: Monday, 01 February 2016

Newsletter February 2016

The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards!

A brand new set of Map Cards for Dungeon Crawling!

Welcome back and happy new year! It is 2016 and this is the first newsletter for the new year. Over December we wrapped up the Dungeon Tiles Set in our range of Developers Map Tiles. With that set completed we started to test out the new range of developers map tiles by building a new set of Map Cards: The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards!

The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards

The Cult of Ohzv map cards consists of 24 map cards designed to build a small cult shrine in a wilderness setting, plus a range of underground passageways and chambers connected to the surface shrine by a spiral staircase. We designed the map cards so that you can arrange of the shrine in a range of different ways, plus the underground map cards can be arranged in any way you like. Each map card having alternative artwork on the reverse face.

We have only just released the Cult of Ohzv Map Cards on DriveThruCards.com and thus – as what happened with the Dark Mansion Map Cards – we are waiting to receive our print proofs on the cards for review and error checking. But as soon as we get our proofs, and assuming everything is good, we will release the print on demand version to the market. Till then, only the PDF version is available.

Dark Mansion Map cards

The print proofs for the Dark Mansion Map Cards came in and everything was fine. We have released the print on demand version of the Map Cards to the market.

Compass Points

We have a range of ready made side adventures we call Compass Points. Add them to your campaign for a little extra action.

Diomedes the Warrior

Looking for a new barbarian character token for your next Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, or Battlegrounds game? Try Diomedes the Warrior Token Set.