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Studio WyldFurr

More Dungeon Map Tiles!

The range of “do it yourself” dungeon map tiles has been expanded!

Welcome back! We have had a good break for Christmass and New Years, but it is time to get back into the groove! While we were away, we were not idle! Over the break period we worked on expanding our range of Dungeon Map Tiles.

Dungeon Map TilesOver the break period we released three expansion packs for our core range of Dungeon Map Tiles.

  1. Pit Traps
  2. Surface Buildings
  3. Round Tower

Details about each pack below…

Pit Traps Tiles Pack

A range of small single tile pit traps or combined tile two tile long pit traps. Some with spikes, some without.

Surface Buildings Pack

This pack focuses on providing a range of tiles so that GM’s can build Dungeon entrances on the surface.

>Round Tower Pack

Expanding on the existing set of curved wall tiles, with windows, and outer walls that can be turned into castle towers!

Not to forget our character token sets…


Sally has joined the Studio Store. This character set depicts a youthful modern day lass in a cute party dress. This character set is perfect as a background NPC, or damsel in distress for players to save from an evil corporation!


Next up is the character set: Gregory. This fellow could be a member of a street gang out to hassle your players, or he could be the avatar of one of your players.

Don’t forget you can find our range of Token Packs and Map Tiles over at our studio listing on RPGnow.com