Publication Date: Tuesday, 08 December 2015

Newsletter December 2015

Map Cards!

6 inch Square Map Cards for the Tabletop!

We have taken our first steps from the digital world into the real world with the release of our first set of map cards via DriveThruCards.com‘s print on demand card service. The cards depict a Mansion with marble floors, and white plaster walls. Each room has 3D rendered furnishings that would be appropriate for a fantasy to modern theme setting.

At the moment the cards are only available as a digital download PDF, we are waiting to receive our printed copy so we can review the cards (to make sure everything is as it should be). Once we have reviewed the printed cards, we will turn the option on to purchase the physical cards.

For more information about the Dark Mansion map cards, click here to view our information page.

Developers Map Tiles

The Dark Mansion map cards is actually a test of our Developers Map Tiles range of map tiles we have been building after we were sent messages asking us if our Dungeon Map Tiles licence permitted game developers the right to use the map tiles in their games (it does not). The Developers Map Tiles range is still in development, but we are making headway. The Dark Mansion range is almost complete and we are starting to fill out the Urban set and the Fantasy Dungeon Set.

As we complete different sets, we will release more Map Cards as tests of each new set to show what is possible with the Developers Map Tiles.