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Studio WyldFurr

Dungeon Map Tiles!

Build your own dungeon with our first map making pack of tiles!

We have just released four map tile packs for folks who love to build their own dungeons. As a GM, with these art packs you can build a maze of passageways, chambers, rooms, and even a surface stronghold to defend your dungeon.

You can build a fortress just like this:

Stronghold made with Map Tiles

The Dungeon map tiles packs consist of:

  • Pack #1 – This is the starter pack, with the basic tiles that you can build your Dungeon with.
  • Pack #2 – This pack brings you flooded and sunken map tiles. With these tiles you can flood parts of your Dungeon, and make players swim for the treature or add in aquatic monsters!
  • Pack #3 – This is the detail set, with water filled gutters, sewer drains, and tiles that display recessed parts of the floor that can give your chambers a double floor level.
  • Pack #4 – With this set you get fortress wall sections, and gate sections, sally ports, grass tiles, and footpath tiles. Everything you need to build a surface stronghold to guard your dungeon.