Publication Date: Monday, 24 August 2015

Newsletter August 2015

Cave Map Tiles

A brand new set that expands the range of WyldFurr’s Map Tiles

Last month we wrapped up the Dungeon Map Tiles II project and jumped into building the next set of map tiles: The Caves Set. This new set opens up a new adventure theme setting: Underground Caves.

Dungeon Map Tiles IIThe Caves Map Tiles set is begin designed to act as an expansion set that – like the Dungeon Map Tiles II set – can be used in combination with the other map tiles sets. We have included tiles that slot in with the grass tiles and the footpath tiles from the original Dungeon Map Tiles set. While also expanding the surface tiles with Dirt Tiles that can be used to make large areas of Desert or Cave Floors.

Meanwhile the interior cave tiles contain all of the usual basic tiles, such as walls, passageways, large curved wall sections, everything you need to build a monster lair, or just a general run of the mill cave.

We have wrapped up the Dungeon Map Tiles II project, and zipped up all the tiles into a big jumbo pack for sale on RPGnow.com

This jumbo pack has all of the smaller pre-production packs inside it, plus it also has two template files that give directions about how to print out your maps for use on the tabletop with miniatures!

Grab the Dungeon Map Tiles II Jumbo pack at RPGnow.com for just $10.95.

Cave Map Tiles Part 5

We have just released part #5 of the cave map tiles set. This part includes a range of curved wall tiles for building curved sections of cave. With these cuved wall tiles you can make fare more organic sections of cave. The set includes walls based on a 5ft radius circle, plus a set based on a 10ft radius curve.

Cave Map Tiles Part 4

The fourth part of the Cave Map Tiles set includes a series of transition tiles to give Game Masters the ability to transition from the Grass Tiles for the original Dungeon Map Tiles set, to the new Dirt Tiles of the Cave Map Tiles set. Plus the set also includes the Dead End cave tiles and two stone pillar multi-tile blocks for cave interiors.

Cave Map Tiles Part 1

The first part of the Cave Map Tiles set includes a range of “Dirt” Tiles for building desert maps, or cave floors.

Cave Map Tiles Part 2

The second part includes the core set of cave map tiles. Walls, passageways, corner walls, the basic set of Cave tiles.

Cave Map Tiles Part 3

The third part of the Cave Map Tiles set includes a range of diagonal map tiles. Great for irregular shaped rooms.