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Here come the Goblin Tribes!

Goblin Tribes Token SetThis month we release a new collection of Monster tokens into the wild wilderness of DriveThruRPG.com, a token pack of the most popular monster in the role-playing world, the Goblin Tribes token package. These little evil buggers are a mainstay of fantasy role-playing campaigns – the ever willing henchman of evil, the Goblin provides Game Masters with a ready made evil minion and players with a horde of bad guys to hack to pieces!

The Goblin Tribes token pack brings five Goblin tribes to life with different looking Goblins. There is the Caverna Tribe of cave dwelling Goblins, and the Moorland Tribe from the swamps. Followed by the Feral Goblins who can be found almost anywhere (especially in city sewers), and the Forest Goblins. Lastly are the evil Nachtlich Tribe of Goblins that strike in the dead of night!

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Article: Goblin Tribes

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Goblin Shaman

Why not try out our free Goblin Shaman, before buying this package of Monster Tokens?