Publication Date: Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Newsletter April 2016

Urban Terrain

Expanding the Game Masters Map Building Tool kit

Wow April is just passing by so fast! This month we have released the latest expansion set for our range of Map Tiles, the Modern Day Map Tiles pack. This pack of ready made map artwork tiles can be used to build Modern Urban themed role-playing maps that could be used in Fantasy Grounds, Battlegrounds, or Roll20.

Modern Day Map Tiles

The pack includes map tiles that enable you to build street scenes, urban houses, office blocks, and even street level shops. The grass tiles interlink up with the grass tiles from our original Dungeon Map Tiles set so you can build maps that have buildings created from ether sets.

If you combine the Modern Day Map Tiles set with our Modern Day Furniture token pack, then you will have everything you need to both construct a building and fill it with furniture.

Studio WyldFurr's Secret Wish List Sale

Don’t tell anyone, but over the coming week we are going to be sending out special discount links to RPGnow.com account holders who have one or more of our products sitting in their wish lists. We are doing this to help fund buying some new equipment, plus to help you clear out your wish list with a nice discount. So keep an eye out for email over the next coming week.

If you want to take advantage of the sale, what you need to do it pop the item your interested about into your wish list. It is that simple. But do it quickly! We start sending out messages tonight!