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Studio WyldFurr

Roman Invasion!

All new Roman character token sets in the Studio Store!

Our collection of Character Token sets is expanding with a range of Roman characters who have invaded the Studio Store! With these character sets you can field your own legion of Roman soldiers. Use the token sets to depict actual Romans or your own fantasy empire.

Not only are there Romans in the Studio Store, we have a brand new monster token set as well: A Second Generation Skeleton Character Token set.

Over the coming months we plan to release more monsters in order to give our wide range of Human character token sets worth adversaries to battle.

Roman Legionary

The Roman legions conquered most of the known world for over a thousand years. This character token set depicts the simple foot soldier of the Roman Legions.

Roman Centurion

The Roman legions are lead by an elite officer class of Centurions, who are themselves veteran soldiers of campaigns throughout Europe, North Africa, or Britannia.

Roman Peasant

But let us not forget the simply Roman peasant who often had to pick up arms to defend themselves against marauding barbarian tribes who often invaded the empire.