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Studio WyldFurr

Licensing Our Art Assets

Over the last few years a number of indy developers have contacted us asking about licensing options for our Map Tiles and Tokens, with the intention of using these items as art assets in the production of their own role-playing and gaming material.

We will be honest with you – we are a bit “iffy” about doing this – and we have been avoiding this subject for a while. But we can not just keep putting this off, so we are going to dip our toe into the Licensing game and give it a go – with a few strings attached.

What Content May You Use?

Once you have an agreement with Studio WyldFurr to use our art assets, that agreement covers the use of all of our Map Tiles and Virtual Tabletop Tokens.

The agreement does not include any material from our Compass Points range or any printed material (map cards, folded maps, printed books, etc).

What Can You Do?

You may use the Map Tiles and Tokens to create artwork for publication in digital form (image files) or print form (book artwork, folded maps, etc).

For example: the creation of map artwork depicting a dungeon (constructed from map tiles) with room contents (placed token artwork) which is saved as a single flattened image file (jpg, tiff) or displayed as page artwork in printed material.

What You Can Not Do?

You may not repackage the art assets in their present form and resell them.

You may not use the art assets to create dynamically generated game graphics.

For example: you may not package a collection of tokens/map tiles together for sale or redistribution as tokens/map tiles. Nor may you use the map tiles for the purpose of creating a computer game.

The objective is that you will use the art assets to create finished art which is a compilation of our art assets and your own artistic skill. If you are confused by what you can and can not do with our art assets, ask us.

5% Royalty

At the moment we presently accept use of our art assets in your publications for a 5% Royalty on the sale of each product unit that our assets were employed in the creation of.

Freelancer/Licensor Royalty Tools

Currently we only permit the use of our art assets via the Royalty system employed by One Bookshelf.

To find the Freelancer/Licensor Royalty Tools, log into your account on the One Bookshelf Affiliate site (eg: RPG Now, Drive Thru RPG, Drive Thru Cards, or DND Classics, etc) that you use and click on the Publish button at the top of the page. Within all of the options of the Publisher Hub, click on the link titled Freelancer/Licensor royalty tools within the Accounting section.

Get our Consent

The most important thing to do is to get our consent to use our art assets in your product. You can do this by filling out the form displayed on this page. Let us know who you are and what you plan to use our art assets for.

Assuming everything checks out, we will get back in contact with you and inform you if we grant you our consent to use our art assets. At that point we will let you know what email address to use in the One Bookshelf Freelancer/Licensor royalty tools for royalty payments.

Plus once your product goes live, we will be more than happy to tell everyone about it on social media!

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    *VTT: Virtual Tabletop. For example a Module for use in Fantasy Grounds, or Roll20, etc.