Frequently Asked Questions

We have been sent a few questions over the years, here are some answers.

The digital tokens, how do they look printed on paper? At 30mm to 40mm high scale?

The tokens are designed for use with programs such as Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, d20Pro, and Battlegrounds. They are not designed for printing out as the resolution will be too low. We might in the future design some paper mini’s for printing some time down the track.

The $60 an hour fee seems expensive?

Actually, most design studios charge double (if not more) per hour for the graphic design services we offer. In fact our lead designer (AKA: Tailz) freelances for some design studios where his time is charged at $160 per hour. But since Studio WyldFurr is primarily concerned with being an Art Studio instead of a Commercial Studio, we have dropped our rates to $60 an hour (plus we like to pick and choose our clients).

You are more than welcome to pay us $120 per hour if you really want too. We don’t mind at all…

Why is there a Watermark on my commissioned work?

If you have commissioned Studio WyldFurr to create a PDF, print media, or other such work. Watermarked material denotes material that has been sent to a client for “proofing” before finished artwork/material is created. Once all material is paid for in full, the watermark is removed and the finished art is sent through to the client.

What is the Developers Map Tiles License?

This license permits the following:
The adaption, transform, and the building upon of the contained artistic material for the purpose of game asset creation for one single game title or project.

  • Example #1 – Print Publication: The creation of role-playing maps distributed as a part of a commercially retailed color printed book (or as color printed maps within a book).
  • Example #2 – Electronic Publication: The creation of maps distributed as a part of a commercially sold PDF.
  • Example #3 – Computer Games: The creation of game assets integrated into a PC, or Mobile Device Game.

Under the following terms:
You must give appropriate credit. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licencor endorses you or your use.

You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.
No warranties are given. The artistic material is provided, as is.

What is the standard Studio WyldFurr Product License?

Studio WyldFurr provides fantasy Artwork, Map Tiles (Dungeon Map Tiles, Dungeon Map Tiles II, or Cave Map Tiles, etc) and a range of virtual tabletop tokens for Personal and Private Use Only. You are not permitted to redistribute, edit, or create Derivative Works for Commercial applications.

All Studio WyldFurr products (unless noted by a separate License: see Developers Map Tiles) are the property and copyright of Studio WyldFurr (on the behalf of Jason Cordwell). All rights are reserved.

I want to commission you to make a token set.

At the moment we do not do commissions. We have so many things on the go and so many half finished projects. We would hate to start something for you and then leave you hanging waiting for us to finish because Tailz has been distracted by yet another idea.

This is not to say we don’t want to work on your stuff.

Can I use your tokens in a commercial product?

At this point in time all token sets offered by Studio WyldFurr are for the personal and private use of the buyer. The packs are not offered as material that can be redistributed in any means (this includes for commercial exploitation). We may in the future create special art packs for the creation of derivative commercial products, but not at this time.

Can we use your Map Tiles in our Commercial Product?

At this point in time, our tokens, map tiles, and mini-adventures offered by Studio WyldFurr here in our Studio Store or for sale at are for the personal and private use of the buyer. The packs are not offered as material that can be redistributed in any means (this includes for commercial exploitation).

For the creation of derivative commercial products, such as role-playing adventure supplements, game maps, mobile games, PC games, and other such products – we have a Developers Map Tiles product specifically for developers.