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Studio WyldFurr Tokens in Roll20

Using our tokens is a little more tricky, mainly because the Roll20 system likes to use a square token image that fit into the map grid. This creates a conflict with our standard tokens which are irregular sizes, thus when you place one of our standard tokens onto the Roll20 digital tabletop, it will be squished or stretched into a square shape to fit into a Roll20 map grid square. To resolve this problem, we have started to include in our token sets two versions of the tokens, our standard tokens and a set of tokens sized to fit inside a 180pixel square image area. The first of these packs is the New Rogue Character set. This character is a re-rendered version of one of our previous First Generation tokens.

Below is an image that displays two tokens from the Christi – Modern Adventurer token set. The tokens are displayed with the edge of their image areas displayed so you can see how much space each token’s image actually takes up. The token marked as Sample A takes up only a small amount of space, but Sample B takes up a lot of space as the image needs to be larger to accommodate the pose of the character swinging her sword about.

Token Artwork Area

In essence, the more dynamic the pose, the larger the image needs to be to contain all of the artwork. Sadly this means that when we come to edit the standard tokens for each character set, into Roll20 compatible tokens, we are only able to use the tokens where the entire image can be contained within a 180-pixel square. Thus the Sample A token is OK for editing as it fits within the 180 x 180-pixel allotment, but the Sample B token breaks the size allotment and thus can not be used.