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Can I use your Map Tiles to make a commercial product?

We have had a number of people contact us over the years asking about using our Map Tiles products as clip art to create their own adventure map packs for retail or for use in a product that will be sold.

Although we have looked into the idea of letting fellow indy game developers use our Map Tiles for commercial redistribution via the with a royalty of 4%. We have ultimately decided not to walk down this road and currently all of our Map Tiles Packs are covered by the following Standard Product User License & Terms of Use Agreement.

Our Standard Product User License & Terms of Use Agreement

© Copyright Studio WyldFurr 2020. All Rights Reserved – Studio WyldFurr provides a range of online gaming art, virtual tabletop tokens, map tile art assets, and 3D Printing Designs for Personal and Private Use Only. Purchase grants the buyer a single license for the personal use of the provided material within this package. Commercial redistribution or derivative works is not permitted. All Studio WyldFurr products (unless noted by a separate License) are the property and copyright of Studio WyldFurr (on the behalf of Jason “Tailz” Cordwell). Studio WyldFurr has taken great care to ensure the material within this package is virus-free and as correct and accurate as possible. However, Studio WyldFurr does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from, or connected to, the use of any material contained within this package.