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Studio WyldFurr has been my off-and-on-again side job for far too many years now. Sadly the amount of time that I can focus on projects for the studio is limited by the necessity of bill payments, putting a roof over my head, and cookies in my belly. Which results is a slow crawl when it comes to project production time schedules.

But with the growth of micro-stream income sources these days, I am trying to turn a side-job into a full-time job. Thus why I have picked up the Patreon hammer and started to knock this studio into a revenue earner in the hope that I can get my first love (art) and my second love (gaming) to put a roof over my head, food on the table, and vanquish the ever lurking specter of bills.

So how does it work?

Patreon is a pretty simple system, you pick a creator, select a support tier and begin supporting that creator with a small donation each month. In return for the support, you gain benefits from the creator in relation to the support tier you choose. The more support you give, the more benefits you get in return from that creator.

I have setup three supporter tiers: Camp Follower, Adventurer, and Dungeon Master.

Important Info: One thing I have noticed some people doing… is signing up to support Studio WyldFurr on Patreon, then unsubscribing after an hour or two. Because I manually send out rewards, you need to stay subscribed until at least the end of the month in order to get any rewards. Unsubscribing within an hour or two of signing up, will result in you being charged for your first month. But then missing out on project download links when I send them out later in the month!


Sneak peek material, editorial articles, and other material posted on the Studio Web site, along with material posted on Patreon are available for early access to studio supporters. This also includes Tutorials and product previews that will be available up to a month before the product is released to the public.

Monthly Projects

Each month Tailz works on a number of projects in the studio. During your subscription period – in return for your support – you will gain access to a digital download of any products that reach completion during the month.

The download comes in the form of a special password protected download link from a Dropbox archive. This early access also occurs one month before the public release of the products.

Project Library

We maintain an archive of each project’s product download files in a Project Library. Each month as new projects are completed the files are added to the Library.

The top tier support level provides access to the library so you can download current or past project files from the archive.


We have a studio channel on Discord where you can come and hang out, play games, or just chat about the projects going on. Studio supporters will gain a highlighted status according to the support level they have selected in Patreon.

Studio Web site Link

If you use the same email address for your Studio WyldFurr web site account as you do for your Patreon account, you will be able to unlock supporter only material on the studio web site.