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Studio WyldFurr

Incoherent Babble the Studio Newsletter

Welcome to our semi-regular (assuming Tailz remembers to write it) studio Newsletter. Here you will find the Incoherent Babble that Tailz writes each month covering what he has been up too for Studio WyldFurr.

Newsletter April 2015

Roman Invasion! All new Roman character token sets in the Studio Store! Our collection of Character Token sets is expanding with a range of Roman characters who have invaded the Studio Store! With these character sets you can field your own legion of Roman soldiers....

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Newsletter March 2015

New Fantasy Tokens The new fantasy starter tokens are out! We have just finished the Fantasy Starter Token Pack and uploaded the zip file (41 MB of tokens) to RPGnow.com. This token pack is a companion to our Modern Starter Token Pack, but with a fantasy or historic...

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Newsletter February 2015

More Dungeon Map Tiles! The range of "do it yourself" dungeon map tiles has been expanded! Welcome back! We have had a good break for Christmass and New Years, but it is time to get back into the groove! While we were away, we were not idle! Over the break period we...

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Newsletter December 2014

Dungeon Map Tiles! Build your own dungeon with our first map making pack of tiles! We have just released four map tile packs for folks who love to build their own dungeons. As a GM, with these art packs you can build a maze of passageways, chambers, rooms, and even a...

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Newsletter November 2014

50% Off Weekend Sale! For this weekend, 50% off the sale price of all Studio WyldFurr products at RPGnow.com For this weekend, starting Friday night - everything we have at RPGnow.com is on sale. We have reduced our prices by 50% for the weekend (or until Tailz...

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Newsletter September 2014

September Freebies! We have a number of free token sets, check them out! This month we release a number of new freebies into the Studio Store. First up we have the Ballista, a pedestal mounted crossbow and bolt rack. This is followed by a token pack of Wooden Hand...

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Newsletter August 2014 – Goblin Tribes

Here come the Goblin Tribes! This month we release a new collection of Monster tokens into the wild wilderness of DriveThruRPG.com, a token pack of the most popular monster in the role-playing world, the Goblin Tribes token package. These little evil buggers are a...

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Newsletter – July 2014

Ever needed a token to display an item that has been dropped? We are kicking off the month of July with four new token sets. the first set is a brand new set of "Dropped Objects" that can be used to display various items of gear that have been dropped, placed, or...

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Newsletter – June 2014

We have just launched the Folly of Silenus at RPGnow.com At long last the Folly of Silenus is ready, wrapped in cybernet plastic, and uploaded to RPGnow.com where you can find it for the low price of $5.95 USD. The mini-adventure pack includes Feral Forest Goblins,...

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