Incoherent Babble the Studio Newsletter

Welcome to our semi-regular (assuming Tailz remembers to write it) studio Newsletter. Here you will find the Incoherent Babble that Tailz writes each month covering what he has been up too for Studio WyldFurr.

Tailz Birthday Sale 2019

Celebrate the birthday of Tailz this December 20th with a 50% off discount in the Studio Store or over at DriveThruRPG.

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Tailz 2018 Birthday Sale

For those of you who don't know, Studio WyldFurr is the studio that belongs to an artist called Tailz. Each year to celebrate his birthday on the 20th of December, Studio WyldFurr runs a special 25% off sale on all Studio WyldFurr products to celebrate Tailz'...

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Newsletter April 2016

Urban Terrain Expanding the Game Masters Map Building Tool kit Wow April is just passing by so fast! This month we have released the latest expansion set for our range of Map Tiles, the Modern Day Map Tiles pack. This pack of ready made map artwork tiles can be used...

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Newsletter March 2016

Orcs, Giants, and Chairs? A horde of Monsters and a bunch of furniture? Hello everyone and welcome to the March newsletter. This month has seen the launch of three new token packs. Two of those packs were monster token packs as we seek to...

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Newsletter February 2016

The Cult of Ohzv Map Cards! A brand new set of Map Cards for Dungeon Crawling! Welcome back and happy new year! It is 2016 and this is the first newsletter for the new year. Over December we wrapped up the Dungeon Tiles Set in our range of Developers Map Tiles. With...

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Newsletter December 2015

Map Cards! 6 inch Square Map Cards for the Tabletop! We have taken our first steps from the digital world into the real world with the release of our first set of map cards via DriveThruCards.com's print on demand card service. The cards depict...

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Newsletter November 2015

Monster Tokens Werewolfs, Gorgons, Zombies, Mummies, oh my! First up we have to apologize for our tardiness. We have not put out a newsletter for a while now, but we have a fairly reasonable excuse. Tailz, our resident artist, got sick. Very sick, really sick. It was...

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Newsletter August 2015

Cave Map Tiles A brand new set that expands the range of WyldFurr's Map Tiles Last month we wrapped up the Dungeon Map Tiles II project and jumped into building the next set of map tiles: The Caves Set. This new set opens up a new adventure theme setting: Underground...

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Newsletter July 2015

Dungeon Map Tiles II A brand new art style theme for the Dungeon Map tiles We are in the proccess right this very moment, of building a brand new map tiles set. This is going to be another Dungeon Map tiles set (thus the name). The big difference this time around, is...

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