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Studio WyldFurr

Studio Editorial Articles

Welcome to the studio editorial archive. From here you can browse the studio articles we write to help our customers with various issues. Such as how to install our tokens into Fantasy Grounds, tutorials about how to use our Map Tiles, etc.

Fantasy Grounds Token Module Updates

A new feature we are starting to roll out with all of our future token packs - and retroactively add to our legacy token packs - is the addition of a Fantasy Grounds module file that will give users of our tokens the ability to enable or disable a token pack within...

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Map Tiles Sale – 25% Off

We are running a sale over the weekend, starting at 9:00am (CST) on the 14th of October and wrapping up at 9:00am (CST) on the 17th of October, all Studio WyldFurr maps tiles packs will be 25% off the regular retail price! The Studio WyldFurr...

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Token Packs on sale at RPGnow!

From now until 9:00AM (CST) on the 11th of October, we are running an impulse sale over at RPGnow.com for all of our Token Packs! Jump over to RPGnow.com and take a peek at all the token packs we have on sale there, and pick up the packs your...

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Tutorial: How to use the Map Tiles with GIMP

How to use the Map Tiles inside GIMP A number of people have asked us how to use our range of map tiles with various programs to build maps. So in response to those questions we have here a map tiles tutorial about how to use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to...

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Free Stuff

We have a range of free token packs in order to give Players and Game Masters a taste of our role-playing goodies before they commit to making a purchase. By picking up a few of our free token packs you can experiment with our tokens to get a feel about how our...

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Roll20 Ready

In 2013 we stumbled across a new role-playing system on the internet: Roll20.net. At the time we already had token packs out that were compatible with Fantasy Grounds and Battlegrounds, and thought those token packs would work fine with the Roll20 system....

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User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide for WyldFurr's Virtual Tabletop gaming material such as our range of role-playing Tokens and Maps. This user guide covers using our tokens or maps in the Fantasy Grounds software sold separately by Smite Works - but the use of our tokens and...

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Compass Points

Compass Points are a new concept from Studio WyldFurr following on from our range of Fantasy Grounds Tokens and Map Tiles; the creation of small adventure locations (the: compass points) that the Game Master can simply drag'n'drop into their campaign for a little...

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