Studio Editorial Articles

Welcome to the studio editorial archive. From here you can browse the studio articles we write to help our customers with various issues. Such as how to install our tokens into Fantasy Grounds, tutorials about how to use our Map Tiles, etc.

Using Studio WyldFurr Tokens in Fantasy Grounds

This tutorial was written for Fantasy Grounds Classic, not the Fantasy Grounds Unity version of the application. When using the automatic grid on a map in Fantasy Grounds Unity, the program will resize any placed tokens to fit within a grid square. This can cause...

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Video Streaming on Twitch

In our previous Editorial article we wrote about how we were starting up a video stream over on Picarto.tv where we were testing out their system. Since then we have moved onto to Twitch.tv where we are now testing that system for pretty much the same...

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Video Streaming on Picarto.tv

Have you ever wondered how Tailz builds the artwork found in our virtual tabletop gaming assets? Now you have the chance to watch Tailz build maps and adventure assets live via the new Studio Video Stream we have setup over at Picarto.tv Not only will...

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